This is my "less than a dollar" ice/snow guard for the control cable terminals. Unfortunately SteppIR decided to use brass screws as terminal points for the control cable instead of a real water-proof connector (like the one used on the EHU).  Cheap and simple from manufacturing point of view solution, but hardly the best one. Especially since the driver chips are unprotected against short and excessive current. Ice or snow build-up during extreme weather conditions could cause troubles for the control box and the operation of the coil. Furthermore one can accidentally shorten the terminals while working on the antenna or radial system. The manual talks about the use of RTV silicone to protect the terminals but this makes it look messy, unprofessional and the silicone is hard to remove from the terminals when needed. Ideally a water-proof connector should be used as the best way to modify the coil. I decided to put a "quick-n-dirty" terminal ice-guard. I used $0.89 electrical box from Home Depot. Cutting the electrical box about 1/4 from one end and used tiny amount of non-corrosive RTV silicone around the edge to attach it to the coil enclosure.