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I used a N2PK Vector Network Analyzer to perform a simple survey of the antenna. The VNA was connected to the N connector of the LMR-600 in my shack. To eliminate the effect of the transmission line, calibration of the VNA was performed at the far end of the cable (the antenna feedpoint) using commercial Maury Microwave calibration standards.

Currently, the ground radial field of my antenna is made of 60 buried radials, placed to cover evenly 360 degrees with lengths between 10 ft for the shortest radial to 75-80ft for the longest. The average length is over 40 ft. The antenna controller was set to 14.200 MHz with settings modified for 176.8 in element length.

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  The following plots were produced by a reflection scan with N2PK VNA of the AE1S SteppIR BigIR antenna /w 80 m coil:

Rs and Xs (Series Resistance and Series Reactance)

VSWR and RL (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio and Return Loss)

|Zs| and <Zs (Modulus of Series Impedance and Phase in degrees)

|Rho| and <Rho (Modulus of Reflection Coefficient and Phase in degrees)

|Y| and <Y (Modulus of Admittance and Phase in degrees)

Gp and Bp(Real and Imaginary components of Admittance)

Q ( Quality Factor)




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